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Turkish SETA promotes Muslim Brotherhood in Libya

Tuesday 05/May/2020 - 01:38 PM
The Reference
Noura El-Bendary

The Turkish-Brotherhood plot has been very clear over the past year in a number of Arab countries.  has become evident. The Arab peoples, especially in Libya, Tunisia, and Yemen, are aware of what Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants.

The Arab peoples understand very well that Erdogan’s goal is to realize his dream of restoring the Ottoman Empire at any cost. The Arab and global media are also working on exposing Ankara’s plots.

A number of Arab media outlets revealed on March 15 cooperation between the Tunisia’s Ennahda Movement, the Muslim Brotherhood’s branch in Tunisia, and the Ankara-based, SETA -- Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research.

SETA is working on sending a number of Tunisian engineers and technologists to Libya to support the Libya’s Government of National Accord, which is led by Fayez al-Sarraj.

Tunisian activists exposed in December Erdogan's plot to bolster his influence in North Africa in a bid to restore the Ottoman Empire. The activists refused to take part in Turkey’s plan to support Libya’s Government of National Accord.

The activists demonstrated outside the Turkish embassy in Tunis, protesting against Turkish plans to intervene militarily in Libya. The protesters held slogans like: “The solution in Libya will be Libyan” and “Libya for Libyans without Ottomans”

The activists voiced their rejection of any Turkish military intervention in Libya, stressing that Erdogan only seeks to loot the Arab wealth.

In Libya, the Libyan National Army, which is led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, has confronted Libya’s Government of National Accord and its militias, which are backed by Turkey.

The Libyan National Army has foiled Turkey’s plots to send arms and terrorists to Libya. Erdogan said he might send military forces to interfere in Libya through Tunisia.

To this end, Turkey is using the Brotherhood’s Ennahda Movement in a bid to send arms and equipment to Libya.

The terrorist Brotherhood around the world used to create a media or legal loophole through which it transmits its poisons to the public opinion and falsely polishes its image in front of the world.

The group has also been keen, through its electronic committees, to take advantage of all means, especially social media, to spread lies and rumors and cover for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s violations.

In January 2020, the Egyptian National Security Sector was able to locate and seal down an apartment in Bab Al-Louk neighborhood in downtown Cairo, for operating undercover and without a license under the name of SETA Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research.

SETA was mostly being operated by Muslim Brotherhood members and completely funded by Ankara to broadcast and prepare negative reports containing false and fabricated information on the political, economic, security and legal conditions in the country and send it to Turkey, with the aim of tarnishing the country's image internally and internationally.

Four individuals, including three Egyptians and a Turkish citizen, were arrested after the raid while a fifth one, believed to be Turkish, is still on the run.

This suspicious SETA has been operating since 2005 under a banner reading "The Center for Political, Economic and Social Studies", and its stated goal is to help the Turkish government analyze and understand issues related to Turkish foreign policy and other foreign policies of other countries.

Suspicions revolve around SETA of spying on the countries of the region, as the Turkish Journalists Association affirmed earlier that this center is preparing reports in cooperation with Turkish intelligence.

The SETA center is one of the largest centers and has several branches, its main headquarters is in Ankara and it has two large branches in Istanbul and Washington.

It is pertinent to mention that SETA insisted on defending the terrorists who were involved in the assassination of Egypt’s public prosecutor Hisham Barakat in February 2019, describing their execution sentences as a cold-blooded murder.

As for the Arabic section of SETA, it is constantly publishing erroneous reports regarding the Egyptian state with an aim to sow discord and hatred among Egyptians.

SETA’s team has many nationalities, including Belgium, Syria and Lebanon, as its official symbol is a pen head with a chess pawn, indicating that the foundation aims at manipulating the political scene using words.

Another SETA-affiliated platform that is also being used by  Turkey in the Middle East is Rouya Turkiyyah, which publishes analyses and reports that only aim at justifying any violations by the Turkish regime or Erdogan in the east Mediterranean, claiming that such violations are only precautions to protect Turkey’s safety and resources.

Security authorities are exerting huge efforts and serious steps to fight these entities and their devious schemes that only aims at achieving Turkey’s ambitions in the region.