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Post-pandemic in France…Macron's huge political bill

Tuesday 21/April/2020 - 09:38 PM
The Reference
Ahmed Youseif

Within days of the removal of the domestic curfew of 60 million citizens on May 11, several legal and public personalities filed about 28 criminal cases against government ministers for their negligence, lying, and concealment of the truth, leads to the death of hundreds of Frenchmen.

The medical and media crisis management in France was marred by a scandalous shame that would produce a political and judicial crisis that might strike the government and the president himself, similar to What happened with President Jacques Chirac.

What are the exact charges against the president and his government?

This can be summarized in the following five points:

1- Not being prepared to face the epidemic, despite his former health minister, Anias Buzan, revealed that she was sent to the Prime Minister in mid-February, warning him of the approach of the epidemic and the impossibility of holding municipal elections in light of those circumstances because of the possibility of the spread of the infection, which actually occurred.

2- The government underestimates what happened in China and the Almighty to Italy, giving lessons in the greatness of the French invincible health system, the president’s exit to spend the evening in the theater on March 7, and the French urging him to leave, and this last point will be a weapon that the opponents will face in the face of the president, showing their videos.

3- The murderous statement of a spokesperson for the Elysee Septet Ndiaye, in which she said that wearing protective masks has no benefit, but that she personally does not know how to wear it. Not a day will pass in France without the French showing on their social media their video, which one of them described as saying that the late leader Charles de Gaulle had he been a resident of Elysee and would have ordered a military trial for her.

4- There is also the file concerning masks, which is a catastrophe by all standards in which the necks of former President Francois Holland, who under his presidency, have been executed for nearly a billion masks on the pretext of not meeting the health conditions and the current president who saw the failure of ministers and senior state officials in the procedures for importing and manufacturing masks and promises Repeatedly making them available to citizens until the government ended up confessing that - pending the arrival of the Chinese masks at the end of June - it had no choice but to quarantine the masks in all countries in order to provide them only for medical personnel.

5- The same confusion is said about reaching the vaccine and treating patients. It has become clear to everyone that the President and the government take decisions based on the advice of the Health Council for the Crisis headed by Professor Jean-François Delphresis, the Nobel Prize winner in medicine. But it was clear that there were differences within the council, but rather conflicts with the world-renowned Professor Didier Rawlett, who after experiments demands that patients be treated in the early stages of chloroquine, which has been used for 70 years in the prevention and treatment of malaria. Indeed, influential political figures in the opposition Republican Party, headed by Bruno Rotayo of the Senate and Christian Esterouzi, mayor of Nice (who was sick and treated for the said drug), demanded that the president bypass the complications of the Health Council and impose the drug, especially after President Trump announced the United States would treat our patients with this drug The President was only visited by Professor Raoult in Marseille, and he was satisfied with that.

It is clear that France, after disposing of the epidemic, a cemetery on a hot summer in which people will not travel to spend holidays for temporary and financial reasons, but they will devote themselves to the government and the president requesting an account statement. In fact, according to our sources, there are legal teams that have completed the legal studies of the ministers ’trial before what is known as the“ Republic Supreme Court ”, which is an exceptional court of ministers, politicians, and other teams secretly working on studies to use the crisis not only in the upcoming presidential elections but in isolating it or conducting future presidential elections.

The French are angry at what happened and even feel a scratch in their dignity after they saw how Germany dealt with the epidemic and has a larger population than France and has borders with all the affected countries.

The account statement, then, will be difficult, and the coming storm on France may be more severe than the epidemic itself.

It remains to say that the social, institutional and economic structure in France is so rigid that it will overcome this ordeal, but the French people always love getting rid of their dramatically mistaken rulers.