Issued by CEMO Center - Paris
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Wednesday 08/April/2020 - 01:15 PM
The Reference
Eleonora Pertusio

We are in a war. Corona Virus is our enemy. We have to stay at home as much as we can for our safety. COVID is somewhere outside, we don’t know where it is but of course places frequented by lot of people are the most dangerous.

We have to deal with obligatory needs: food, beverage and medicines.

How to allow weak people to satisfy these needs without put their life at risk?

Delivery is the key!

In general delivery service in the last month is grown more than 80%.

GDO offers to their customers delivery service. It is for free for over 65 for making sure that this target could receive the grocery shopping at home The negative point is that in big cities you have to wait maybe one week for receiving your food, that’s why is really important choose long-life food and buy something more in comparison with the past. In small city there isn’t enough staff for carrying food at home, but lot of volunteers of Red Cross or Civil Protection are helping to ensure that all people who need are supplied.

Small farmers and local productors are doing the same and this is absolutely excellent because this allow to enjoy the real taste of the national food, it is a sort of rediscovery of the authentic taste. In the normal routine you cannot imagine to go to the baker, to the butcher, to the greengrocer every couple of day: you go to the supermarket because you have no time and you buy all in the same place! Now instead you can choose all the supplier with delivery service and have more quality in your plate.

In spite of lot of people, spending all day at home, have started to cook as a Master Chef, there is also someone who still love the little cuddle of a restaurant meal. Many restaurants, to avoid to stay closed for a long period, are working a lot with deliveries. Of course, they have to respect restrictive normatives. The have to cook with mask and gloves, disinfect often the area and let the food ready to be delivered without contact with the courier. The couriers as well have to clean they stuff and supply the food leaving the bag outside the client door. All the payments are online, in this way the risk of contagion is really low.

I think that all this people deserve a special mention because they help to the population, they feed us, they risk their health for us. It’s not an easy decision to go on with a business now, for the owners first of all because they know that, if they don’t follow the rules, the point is not a penalty, it is to expose their staff to a serious risk. It is a huge responsibility. As well it is hard for the employees, because have no choice.

Lot of people is complaining because they have to stay closed at home. For a while we have to think about the feeling of this people who every morning wake up, get dressed with the safety measure and go at work with fear.

Delivery services are saving a lot of people, we have to be grateful with all these workers, because they are doing that to ensure that, every day, we have food on ours table.