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Corona devours Qatar as Tamim hides

Monday 06/April/2020 - 04:04 PM
The Reference
Indiana Khaled


In light of the exacerbation of corona virus pandemic in Qatar and the regime's inability to contain its effects, Qatari opposition sources have revealed that Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has escaped to an ocean island in order to evade the virus and avoid his responsibilities.

Sheikh Fahad bin Abdullah Al Thani, a member of the ruling family and Tamim's cousin, said via Twitter on Thursday, April 2, “Since 12 days ago, where is Tamim?! Imagine if Tamim is now on an ocean island, what would he do there?! What are his plans?!”

“Unfortunately, Qatar has the highest registration of corona cases in the Gulf! Why? Because this gang has failed, and still fails, and will fail to run the country,” he added.

On Friday, April 3, the Qatari Ministry of Health stated that the total number of people infected with the virus in the country had reached 1,075, as well as three deaths.


Corona hits Qatar’s army

Opposition member Rashid bin Salem Al-Marri revealed that about 1,200 individuals were infected with the corona virus in Qatari army camps, confirming that a full battalion has been infected.

Marri added on Twitter that the number of casualties compared to the population of the country is “frightening”, especially since the Ministry of Health has not taken any serious measures.

Despite the high number of people infected with the virus in the country, there has been no decision to stop Qatar Airways flights, which might help spread the virus, according to Marri, who confirmed that four air hostesses have been infected with the virus.



At the same time, the Qatari authorities refuse to treat the foreign workers building the 2022 FIFA World Cup stadiums, placing many of them in unqualified hospitals and refusing to allow them to return to their own countries, Amnesty International reported on Friday, March 21.

Dr. Tarek Fahmy, a professor of political science at Cairo University, told the Reference that the Qatari regime is practicing a policy of obfuscating the foreign worker situation in light of the corona virus pandemic because it deals with them as forced labor.

The World Health Organization has placed Qatar among the countries most affected by the virus, so the regime in Doha must clarify the fate of these laborers and shoulder its responsibilities towards them, Fahmy said.