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Technology and mind make positive vibes

Monday 06/April/2020 - 02:45 PM
The Reference
Eleonora Pertusio

In this period we have no choice: we have to stay at home. Sometimes it can be boring, but if we realize to have two paramount instruments, technology and our mind, all can change.


I was talking with an Indian friend grateful because, in this moment, we were connected on Instagram and he could do virtual tour and see the world through my eyes. At first, I was sceptic, I never thought Instagram in this way, but he said that he just seeks and learns new things in this way. I would like to examine in depth.


My idea of experience was different. You know, I’m Italian and I love travelling, discovering, learning always new things. Usually I do that with a luggage in one hand and a ticket in other hand. Imagine that for my 30th birthday I did 15 trips/mini trips for visiting my friends in all over the world. I lived 15 different lives. I went in Egypt, in Moscow, in Malta, in Czech Republic, Paris, London, Ivory Coast, Brazil and lot of other places. Every time I brought a bit of me and I took something from them. Not material stuff of course.


I realized that when you travel something in your mind is different, you are like a sponge, you absorb as much as you can and also you are more fitted to create meaningful friendships. The excellent thing that my friend is doing is to use technology for travelling with his mind and get in touch with people in all over the world and share feeling, ideas, positive vibes in the same way as a real trip.


He makes me think a lot, telling me how many things he learned, like that people across the world in the same age group have same emotions at the core, that there are lots of humans in this world who just needs someone to listen to them and give them a sense of belonging or just listening, he met some very kind and courageous souls who are fighting in the frontline in the current war against Corona Virus and he just sent them lots of blessings and prayers. It is unbelievable that we can be everywhere with technology and that words can be so good for someone, although if he is so far.


Often what we see in this virtual world is not true...The humans behind these wonderful smiling images are fighting their own battles and technology helps to connect, but equally makes a disconnection from themselves. We have to focus our attention on real emotions and not on what the society imposed.


We have to try to use technology in a positive way, be helpful for ourselves and other people, use it for grow our knowledge, make strong our relationship and open our eyes. We have to stop to complain and try to do our best to have a better world. We can be part of a world where we will start appreciating simple things in Life and have more gratitude for things that we always took for granted.


There are so many things in my life I should be grateful for: my family, my health, my house, my country. That’s why I decided to use my positive energy for helping who needs.