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Monday 30/March/2020 - 01:54 PM
The Reference
Eleonora Pertusio

On Friday 26 one thing happened for the first time in the story of the world: Pope in Rome did a special benediction called “Urbi et Orbi” with a St. Peter Square totally empty. The only bystander was the rain.

“Urbi et Orbi” denotes a papal address and apostolic blessing given by the Pope on certain solemn occasions, usually is a colorful event reserved only for Christmas Day and Easter Sunday.

The current global situation, where as more than half of the world’s population is confined to their homes to prevent the spread of Covid-19, needs a special pray.

This blessing is unique because no one else except Pope can do it and, most important, it is the only sacrament that can reach devoted souls and be effective also if shared only by media.

Why this benediction now? Because it grants to forgiveness of sins and to receive a plenary indulgence. This means that if the life finish now the soul is free and can join God directly in Heaven.

The distinctiveness of “Urbi et Orbi” is that, if the faithful believe from the deep of their hearts, they can be purify also a kilometres of distance thanks to this extraordinary blessing.

Standing in a deserted St. Peter’s Square with a steady rain falling, Pope Francis spoke to the world through all the means of modern communication: Facebook, YouTube, TV, and radio.

He asked as well to God to save everyone with no discrimination about religion from this pandemic that is making suffer and die people. He comparing the pandemic to a storm that can be overcome only by coming together in faith.

He used a significative symbol of faith: the crucifix of San Marcello, displayed in front of St. Peter’s Basilic, the one used in ‘500 for overwhelming plagues.

I agree with Pope: “We are all on the same boat”. We have to understand that individuality is finished, we have to think big if we want to go beyond this awful moment. Alone we are afraid and vulnerable, together we can carry on the life. We have to be patient, compassionate, understand what is so necessary and what is not. We have to appreciate the efforts of doctors, nurses, researchers, priests, social workers, volunteers, supermarket employees and couriers. They teach us, the pope said, to offer ourselves to others amidst this pandemic.

We have to understand that there are not difference of colour, religion, nationality: all together we have to fight against this enemy. The first step is stay at home and learn an important lesson: we are not God, we have to respect the life and understand what are the most important values.

It was a very touching celebration. When the bell started to sing, ambulances’ sirens were running. This sound nowadays is part of our life. We need help.