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Thursday 26/March/2020 - 12:16 AM
The Reference
Eleonora pertusio
We can say lot of things about Italians, we have thousand things thanks to which we must be celebrated, but the most important is to have a mind out of the box.
I am happy to talk about an amazing happy ending story in this hard period for our country. 
Italians hospitals are denouncing that there is a huge lack of instrument for COVID19 patients. One of these is C-PAP mask (that means Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) needed for ventilation in sub-intensive therapy.
In this hard situation pop up an idea to the Doctor Renato Favero: to build an emergency mask readapting a snorkelling full face mask from Decathlon, the world leader in sports equipment. He went to the Company Isinnova of Cristian Fracassi, whom was building emergency valves for ventilators and told them the project. Together they called the Italian top manager of Decathlon Bernardo Gamucci who have supplied CAD project of the mask. 
They took mask apart, they studied it, they designed a new connection from mask to hospital tube. The mask has been tested in Chiari hospital. It works! 
Civil protection of Brescia has bought 500 masks and Isinnova has supplied for free connectors. They have created a solidarity network: the work was too much only for them and so many businesses helped them.
The connector has been called “Valvola Charlotte” in honour of Fracassi’s wife. The patent is for free, in this case all hospitals can use it.
The dispositive is not certificated, it is an extreme solution, patients have to sign a document that attest that they know it, but it can save lifes. Another time Italian creativity, technology and humanity are the guest stars.
We are proud of our Doctors and Engineer.