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Tuesday 24/March/2020 - 12:10 AM
The Reference
Eleonora pertusio

Here we are, if we want to be safe, we have to stay at home and that’s is what we are doing.

In my opinion quarantine is not so bad.

This paradoxical situation must become the best therapy for body and brain. You have to be strong, of course, and to understand that the situation of today could make you a better person tomorrow.

First rule: learn from yourself. Too much information turns into disinformation. You have to feel your body, switch off television or video tutorial on YouTube for diagnose yourself Corona Virus and to breath. If you can do all of these simple things, probably you are OK.

After a fast check of your body, keep the concentration on yourself, now you have time to meet the weak voice that in your daily routine so often is hushed. This is you, is your soul, are your talents, are your passions, let them come out! At last, you can be what you would like, because you are alone, you have finally time for yourself, what you always asked. Try to do new experience for express yourself: write, paint, dance, do meditation, cook, play an instrument, fix something, make something that, at the end will make you proud and satisfy.

Second rule: take care of yourself. Make something good for your body who release positive endorphins is exactly what you need now. Take your time for a pilates lesson a day, a little run around your house, jumping the rope are useful advice for make your body healthier and stronger, in particular if you discover that your passion is cooking!

Moreover, is the best moment for taking care of yourself: clean your face every morning and doing a relaxing massage, do a depurative mask, brush the hair and let them in more natural way, drink a lot of water and infusions, do meditation. Now you have time!

Third rule: take care of people you love. This is the best moment for feel the love and hand it to other people. We are learning that we can share the love not only with the physical presence, in this moment you can make feel how much important are people in your life with a phone call, a memory, cooking something special for the family, taking care to old parents, trying to help them to feel less the loneliness and with the grocery shopping. 

All these things will make you feel better and for fight this awful virus we have to stay well. Our health is at first in our mind. Take care of it.

It is a delicate moment. It is a moment who need positivity people. World need positive people. We have to be this kind of person for survive.