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Britain between the civilized Arabian Islam or Brotherhood’s version of it

Monday 24/February/2020 - 03:31 PM
The Reference
Hisham Al-Najjar

British MP called for the Muslim Brotherhood to be proscribed as a terrorist group as politicians criticised its intolerance towards other faiths, during a parliamentary debate.

What draws attention is the humility of attendance and the modest results compared to the seriousness of this issue and the challenges it means for European countries.

The elite discussions in Britain exposes that the defect of what resulted from decades-old and complex relations that did not take the required effort to dismantle it.

The modest calls are only the result of a sense of danger after it was made clear to some in the British decision-making that the Brotherhood is the source of extremism, but this calls are not based on systematic knowledge of what the Brotherhood is and the nature of the Islamic version it embraces and promotes.

It is not enough to intimidate the Brotherhood in terms of security and put forward axioms such as the Brotherhood’s relations with ISIS and Al Qaeda. Otherwise, anti-terror efforts in the West will continue to walk on the security crutch alone and subject to the requirements of politics and tactics of the security services.

When the British recognize the true Islam and its civilized version is nurtured and supported, and its desired successes result in achieving the interests of the West and the Arabs, the Brotherhood’s unilateral vision will collapse, and the Brotherhood’s representation of Islam will disappear, and the Europeans will strive to enable the civilized Islam’s form of presence at a level that is popular and elitist to press towards banning any current My hostility pollutes these human relationships and weakens civilizational ties between the peoples of the world.

Specifications of civilized Islam

Some do not understand the fact that the Brotherhood’s version of Islam employed by intelligence services, because those who read the group’s literature are under the illusion that they reflect Islam and that it is an application of what is stated in the Qur’an.

Especially since the Quran, as Michelangelo Jacobucci says, "is not enough to dispel doubts because it contains many references to fighting in the name of God that some can interpret in a metaphorical sense while others understand it as an invitation to a real war to defend the faith."

This was in the interest of the Muslim Brotherhood and its regional patrons only, and it shook the interests of the West, in terms of enabling an extremist religious reference that does not belong to rational participatory Islam, whose goal is to mobilize armies of extremists to fight by proxy for countries that have fallen into the trap of defeat previously outside their borders, and they are allergic to sending their soldiers to war arenas.

The risk of this is no less than the risk of applying ideas that previously destroyed and torn the European continent, and because of it the Europeans massacred each other over identity and sect.

The version of Brotherhood’s Islam, which is the reference of ISIS and al-Qaeda, did not enter the enlightenment stage and did not break down structurally in the manner of Descartes, Spinoza, Voltaire, and Malbranche.

The war's atonement version of Islam faces an authentic Arabic version, which is the one held by thinkers belonging to the Arab roots and Islamic identity from the point of full awareness after they studied civilization, history and Western reality and drank from its culture?

In other words, they are conciliators proud of their pure Islamic identity and at the same time open to the world and the achievements of Western civilization.

Head of the liberal movement and the liberal constitutional leader Muhammad Hussein Heikal, who is one of the forerunners of the modernists, criticizes the stabbing of a group of Orientalists against the Arab Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, placing his study "in the house of revelation" in the level of the return of Europe to discover the philosophers of the Greeks at dawn of renaissance, aspiring to bring about a renaissance Arab and Islamic, by pairing the transcendent, tolerant oriental spirit with the entrenched Western mind.

This compromise discourse creates a conciliatory formula between adhering to the faith and keeping pace with the modern era, and the efforts of Arab thinkers seek to win an enlightened understanding of Islam, not only in order to take the only path leading to the renaissance and consolidate peaceful civilized coexistence between Humans, but to save Islam itself from extraneous approaches, it is about to transform it into booby traps that destroy the world.

The beginnings of the revival of civilized, participatory Islam are the writings of Imam Muhammad Abdo in religious reform between 1900 and 1905, and he spoke of a civil state, pluralism, freedoms, and peaceful civilizational relations with the West.

This coincided with the near real collapse of Islam, with the testimony of Lord Cromer, who published a book in 1908 in which he asserted that if Islam is not dead, it is in the process of dying, as a result of a similar application of takfiri Islam armed with the efforts of the Ottoman Sultanate that adopted the ideological wars and promoted the war version of Islam for centuries. .

The Arab thinkers and regenerators developed an enlightening project comparable to the Western Enlightenment project, by returning to the original understanding of Islam and unleashing its underlying social, spiritual and moral powers and coming up with a balanced vision that combines Islam, Arabism and the West.

They formulated the summary of the progressive and progressive plan for Arabs and Muslims, which is what we perceive even in their artistic and literary production, reflecting their eagerness to communicate their message to generations through all available means, such as those that Tawfiq Al-Hakim’s works abound, especially “the return of the soul” and “the people of the cave” and “month He added: "Religion and science are one thing, they both seek the light of God, and both believe in the harmony of existence and the unity of its laws.

They emphasized the unity of the Egyptians, Muslims, Christians and Jews, on common goals and a common destiny. According to the fifth article of the program "The Egyptian National Party", this was formulated by Imam Muhammad Abdo, “The National Party is a political party, not a religious one? It is composed of men of different faiths, doctrines, all Christians, Jews and all of the plows the land of Egypt and speaks its own language. "

Arab civilizational Islam is keen on the pillars of the national state on the grounds that it is the only one capable of containing sectarian, ethnic and ideological diversities under the title of equality and citizenship, and not to allow its penetration or targeting by unilateral ideological projects that would blow up the state entity and fragment it into conflicting entities.

And Islam in its civilized version, like all the other monotheistic religions, came to spread mercy, peace, tolerance and love among people, as this requires recognition of the other, respect for his beliefs and thoughts, and concern for his life and possessions.

Conclusions and findings:

First: The military version of Islam embraced by the Brotherhood is tantamount to producing armed takfiri entities that serve only the expansionist Erdogan project and do not serve the interests of the peoples and countries of the world.

Second: The real struggle is not between Islam and secularism, nor between Islam and the West, but between these two versions of Islam; an Arab civilization enlightening Islam and another polarizing Takfiri war, called by the Brotherhood to keep Muslims in a religious confrontation with the West.

Third: The time has come for Arabs and Westerners to exert effort that amounts to empowering enlightening, coherent, coexisting and enlightening religious perceptions, which is the effective way to isolate and effectively and effectively ban an extraneous, forged Islamic version of humanity that advocates violence and exclusion for political and expansionist goals.