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Turkish plans fail in Libya and Syria

Saturday 22/February/2020 - 07:05 PM
The Reference
Sara Rashad
For more than 9 years, Turkey has supported the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ n Syria by funding terrorist groups there, while it supported armed groups in Libya to realize its schemes. 
As Tripoli in  Libya and Idlib in Syria are about to be freed, Turkey is facing a number of challenges with its schemes failing in both countries. 
Idlib is the last province controlled by the pro-Turkish militias. The remainder of Syrian territories is controlled by the Syrian Arab army. In Libya, Tripoli is also the last city controlled by the pro-Turkish militias, while the remainder of the Libyan territories is dominated by the Libyan National Army.
Commenting on this, Nourhan el-Sheikh, professor of political science at Cairo University, said that Idlib would be a battlefield for full liberation after years under the control of takfiris. 
“The Syrian Arab army will kick out militias funded by Turkey,” el-Sheikh told THE REFERENCE.
The professor noted that these militias do not exist in Syria anymore. “It is only a matter of time to completely eliminate these militias,” she said. 
“Turkey has realized this, and has started to relocate its elements to other hotbeds in Asia and Libya,” she said. 
For his part, Libyan politician Abdel Moneim al-Yassir said that Turkey's plans in Libya will be foiled once Tripoli gets freed.
“The Libyan National Army is determined to free Libya completely,” he told THE REFERENCE.
“Turkey has lost Libya when Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar [commander of the Libyan National Army] formed an army and liberated the east of Libya,” he said.
Al-Yassir added that arms would be seized from the militias after the liberation of Tripoli, closing the door for Turkey to return to Libya again.