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After CNN’s scandal…Qatar bribes New York Times writers

Tuesday 09/April/2019 - 01:18 PM
The Reference
Asmaa al-Batakoshi

Fox News revealed the Qatari secret support for the New York Times writers to control their coverage for the Middle East stories.

The report pointed out that the New York Times writer, “Nathan Thural”, working in a group supported by Qatar, receiving funding from Doha and has relations with a number of activists, according to “Free Beacon” website, which revealed much about the fact of Nathan.

Fox revealed the efforts of the Qatari regime to influence the American press, which has developed rapidly in recent years; Qatar pays hundreds of millions of dollars to buy influence and manipulation, and determine what and how the US press speaks about Middle East issues.

Nathan is a member of the Left-leaning ICG, which has received about $ 4 million from the Qatari government. Doha's donations account for about 6 percent of its total budget.

In a related context, a new documentary entitled “Blood Money” revealed the extent of the spread of this new type of terrorist information; the New York Times scandal comes two days after another scandal hit “CNN”, after the American media revealed that a number of commentators Receiving Qatari funds.