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Al-Azhar strengthening its role in fight against terrorism in Africa

Wednesday 04/August/2021 - 08:47 PM
The Reference
Mohamed Abdelghaffar

Terrorist groups take advantage of the difficult political, economic and security conditions of countries in gaining a foothold in them.

These extremist organizations also use the difficult conditions of citizens and their living crises to convince them to join them, promising them a happy life.

Terrorist groups in the African continent found an opportunity to infiltrate it, especially with the difficult economic conditions experienced by the peoples of this continent, and rampant poverty in it.

The Lake Chad region is a case in point.


Al-Azhar plays a positive role in the African continent, helping African peoples obtain an adequate amount of education. It also introduces these peoples to their religion in a moderate way. This sabotages the work of terrorist groups.

Al-Azhar has been sending missions of its senior sheikhs and scholars to various African countries. These sheikhs and scholars play a strong role in preaching and religious guidance to the peoples of these countries.

Al-Azhar offers free scholarships to students from these countries. It has also established several religious institutes in various African countries.

Illuminated models

Al-Azhar has luminous stations in its relations with African countries. It has already become a soft diplomatic, cultural and educational force in these countries.

Relations between al-Azhar and African countries date a long time back. These countries include the State of Eritrea.

Al-Azhar has been sending educational missions to Eritrea since 1951.

In 1951, the first mission arrived in this country. It contained 18 members who were headed by Sheikh Mustafa al-Orabi.

The success of the missions was manifest in a letter published by the Egyptian Embassy in Asmara in August 1954, in which Eritreans asked the grand imam of al-Azhar to extend the term of the assignment of the members of the missions.