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Turkish- Qatari role to build a MB’s army in Yemen

Sunday 21/July/2019 - 01:10 PM
The Reference
Ali Rajab

Yemen has fallen into a struggle between the Islamist and extremist groups which backed by “Qatar, Turkey, Iran, Houthis, and Muslim Brotherhood”. All that among the efforts of the Arab coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in attempt to save the country away from the violence, disintegration and rule of militias in Sana'a, Marib and Taiz.

Yemeni media sources reported that there was Qatari support and Turkish supervision for “Yemeni Islah Party”, the political wing of Muslims Brotherhood there.

The Qatari- Turkish back for the party come to establish hugh militias be the startup of MB’s army. The aim is to control Yemen militarily, economically and politically by imposing a political force and weapon instead of peace and stability in Yemen.

“Qatar supports camps of the Muslim Brotherhood in Marib, which receives hundreds of Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood members, as well as non-Yemeni members: to form multiple militias serving the Qatari-Turkish in the region” sources told the «Reference».

Al-Ruwiq camp in Marib is the most important camp funding by Qatar and supervision by Turkish military experts.

Marib is the capital of the Saba region, which includes six provinces; such as Al Jawf and Al Baidha. The region is a strategic target for the Muslim Brotherhood to build their emirate in Yemen.

Dali is an important strategic point in Yemen. It is located south of the capital, Sana'a, on the top of a mountainous plateau on the Lahj and Aden road. It is bordered to the north by Ibb and Baydah governorate, to the south by Lahj governorate, to the west by Ibb and Taiz governorate, the area of ​​the province is about 4099 km.

The Muslim Brotherhood in Marib formed from members of the Islah Party who have infiltrated the army in large numbers, and the sons of al-Ahmar are the most prominent Yemeni-Muslim families, which have extensive relations with Qatar and Turkey.

Map of camps and Brotherhood leaders

The Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen is one of the most dangerous branches of the international organization of the group in the world, and enjoys great attention and funding as the strongest military arm of the organization in the region.

The most prominent leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen are the governor of Marib Sultan al-Arada, the reformist leader Nayef al-Bakri in Aden, and Hamoud al-Makhlafi in Taiz, the leader of the reformist crowd in Taiz.

Sheikh al-Hassan Abkar is one of the most prominent tribal figures. He is one of the most important leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. The reformists control the camps of the 115th Infantry Brigade, which included 3,000 members, 800 of whom were recently recruited by Islah Party.

The Brotherhood also has a camp in Wadi Abu Jabara, which links the governorates of Marib, Al Jawf and Saada. It is one of the main security corridors. It is under the direct supervision of the most prominent Brotherhood leader in Yemen, Abdul Majid al-Zindani.

There are also three camps belonging to the Brotherhood in Hajjah, which includes more than 9 thousand people are receiving intensive training on various weapons, these camps in Abas Hiran.

There are also camps for Islah Party in Taiz, under the supervision of Maj. Gen. Sadeq Ali Sarhan, and Abdo Farhan Ali Salem Al Makhlafi, one of the most prominent leaders of the Islah Party's political wing.

The Brotherhood also controls the camps of the 145th Infantry Brigade, under the leadership of the son of Taiz Chakib Khalid Fadel, the commander of the Taiz Chakib Brigade, the 170th Air Defense Brigade and the 17th Infantry Brigade.

The Islah is in control of all combat brigades except for the armored brigade of up to 80 percent of the Yemeni forces in Taiz.

Qatar – Turkey role

Sources to the Reference pointed out that Qatar provides the funds needed by these camps, while Turkey oversees military training, through military experts working on the preparation of fighters.

The leader of the General People's Congress Party, Kamal al-Khudani, said: “The file of the Muslim Brotherhood camps is not allowed to be discussed by the legitimate government. Reform controls the government, especially the army. Yemeni and the supervisor of the Yemeni armed forces Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar is calculated on the Brotherhood, which means that Yemen fell in the traps of the Muslim Brotherhood and Houthi.

al-Khudani pointed out that Qatar and Turkey play a big role in supporting the Brotherhood's secret camps, which are places and wells for the preparation and preparation of fighters, adding that many documents published by the Yemeni media reveal 849 people (433 officers and 416) A member of the Guidance Department of the Yemeni Army in Marib, most of them members of the Islah party and its supporters.

He added that the Brotherhood's camps are not only for the preparation of fighters for reform, but also for fighters being transferred to other fronts in Libya, Syria, Somalia and other areas of conflict.