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Abu Shuaib al-Masri: From a prominent member in Nur party to leader in Liberation of the Sham Organization

Sunday 21/July/2019 - 12:01 PM
The Reference
Ayat Ezz

The "Liberation of the Sham" (a terrorist group in the northern province of Idlib) dismissed its leader, Talha al-Mayser, known as Abu Shuaib al-Masri.

"Abu Shuaib was dismissed because of his repeated disobedience to the organization's policy," the agency said on its social networking site Telegram.

The statement pointed out that after raising the matter to the committee for a follow-up and a supervision of the decisions of the faction, the committee approved the dismissal of Talha from the ranks of the Editorial Board of the Liberation of the Sham.

  Who is he?

Talha al-Masir, nicknamed "Abu Shuaib al-Masri", is one of the juridical authorities of Jihad, which emerged from the womb of the Nur Party because he was a member of it, according to the information circulated by the Syrian security services about the prominent Egyptian leaders who came to Syria to fight.

He is the son of Mohamed el-Masir who is a professor of jurisprudence and philosophy at Al-Azhar University and a member of the scientific committee of scientists at the university. His father was the former advisor to the Egyptian Minister of Awqaf in 1992. He was also a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs in Cairo and his mentor in 2008 and was buried in a village. «Kafr Tablouha» Center «Tala» Governorate of Menoufia.

El-Masri graduated from Cairo University, and has shortly become a member in the youth section of the Salafist Nur party. He was also associated with Yasser Barhami, but then issued a book in which he attacked Burhami.

In 2013, he fled to Syria, specifically to the province of Aleppo, and participated in the fighting there with a faction called "Ahrar Sham", according to news reports published by the terrorist movement through its social media networking sites.

According to several Syrian opposition news websites, Abu Shuaib originally did not turn away from the legitimate office of the Ahrar Al Sham movement. He received many legal files within the faction and then began to be unique in his views and complained to the legitimate office.

In September 2016, he broke away from Ahrar al-Sham movement and joined the Sham Liberation Organization. He served as a legal official. He attached a statement after his dissolution, explaining the reason for the split. He said: "I advise the truthful people in the north of Aleppo to meet in a new faction that avoids the darkness of coordination against the Kharijites with Turkey, the coalition and America.”

This came against the background of the issuance of the legitimate council of the movement Ahrar Al Sham, a fatwa permitting coordination with the Turkish army, in order to fight the organization of Daesh north of Aleppo.

Masri was one of those who denied the exit of women from Aleppo when he opened the way to the liberated areas of the terrorist organizations, prompting many of them to align themselves with the areas of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

In April 2017, a famous debate took place between Abu Shuaib al-Masri and Ayman Haroush, a close associate of the Ahrar al-Sham movement. The two parties discussed several cases in which Harush asked al-Masri to refute his previous accusation that he violated the text.

Now he is being tried because of his views by the Sham editorial board.