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Joachim Veliocas
Joachim Veliocas

France backs the Muslim Brotherhood presence during 2019

Saturday 01/June/2019 - 05:43 PM

Union of Islamic Organizations (UOI) the France’s representative of the Muslim Brotherhood inaugurated on May 25, its mega-mosque in Mulhouse, France, according to Alsace newspaper.

Al-Nour Mosque is located in Mulhouse. It is affiliated to the Alsace and Moselle territory. It is the largest Muslim Brotherhood house of worship in the whole of France.

After decade, the mosque, with a prayer hall for 2900 persons attend the first praying, was made possible thanks to huge amount of money paid by Qatar, almost 2.5 million Euros, in addition to 230 thousands paid by Mulhouse city.    

Youssef al-Qaradawi featured in a video that was part of the fundraising campaign for the construction of the mosque. Qatar donated 2.5 million Euros, out of a total of 3.6 million Euros required for its construction.

A host of Muslim Brotherhood prominent leaders also delivered speeches at the Parc Expo de Mulhouse included Safwat Hegazi in June 2010, who is a prisoner for terrorism charges in Egypt. The mosque administered by AMAL (Alsace Muslim Association), a prominent Muslim association in Mulhouse.   

The Grand Mosque in Reims is inaugurated in Mars since 3 years by its board and Reims Center. It covers an area of 3,700 square meters. Qatar paid 2 million Euros for the construction of the mosque.

The Muslim Brotherhood makes its presence in the mosque strongly. Amar Al Asfar visited the mosque with a prayer hall for 2000 persons which pay the attention to its strategic importance. A number of important figures paid visits to the mosque.  

Texts written by Abu Bakr a-Jazaari (dead on August 2010) are usually seen at the library of the mosque, included “The Islamic Way” book on it a-Jazaari prohibited building churches and calling for Jihad.

The mosque serves as a new base for the Muslim Brotherhood to allow the group to invite its international executives such as Ziad Dulleti in February 2016, a leading member of the Tunisian Ennahda Movement.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner reassured the Muslims of France this week, where he took part in Strasbourg at the Society’s Iftar on May 29.

Abdul Haq al-Nabawi heads the Regional Council for Islamic Culture in Alsace; he was with Interior Minister during his visit.

“I wanted to meet the officials of the Regional Islamic Council for Worship, an ideal entity with a desire for change, which is an important issue for both the French Republic and Islam” Interior Minister said, adding: “I say to all those who want their voices to be heard: we will listen to you as soon as possible. Islam must be built everywhere and not only in Paris can we build local dynamics. Provinces listen to you in Strasbourg, the Regional Islamic Council for Worship is a laboratory of ideas on the future of Islam in France through building trust with communities, Extremism, and dialogue between the two sides “Every constructive step, you can follow it pragmatically and through a broad dialogue, and I hope that this method will spread to other areas”.

How can we fight extremism with the Muslim Brotherhood? Especially since Abdel Haq al-Nabawi also joined the Islamic Society of Islam in France, run by Hakim al-Qarawi surrounded by the personalities of the Brotherhood.

In the Alsace, many mosques are under the control of the Imams of the Muslims of France (formerly the Union of Islamic Organizations in France), including the Mosque of the Faith and its imam Mohsen Ayachi, as well as the Mosque of Port-de-Réin, its imam the Egyptian Ahmed Sami.

An Islamic medical center is being set up in Francois Mitterrand in the Azazian capital, at the initiative of the Basreil Society of the Qatar Charity Society. Qatar Charity also funds a school called Iqraa, based in Linchulmsh, near Strasbourg, by 101,000 Euros.

2019 was an excellent year for the Muslim Brotherhood in France. Eason Governor attended the inauguration ceremony of Massey Mosque in April 2019. Conferences organized and guest, for example, Hassan Ekeusen and Hani Ramadan.  There is another large mosque with a dome and a minaret that was completed this year, the Boussi-George Mosque.

Finally, there is another mosque with a minaret at the end of the building in Rouen, called al-Kawthar, and this mosque broadcasts the texts of Hasan al-Banna on its website.

The number of Muslim Brotherhood mosques in France is close to 200, and this number is increasing steadily. The Muslims of France controls two leading institutes of imams in Saint-Légade-du-Fougere, Neufre and Obervers.

The National Union of Islamic Education, a new body of the Muslims of France established in 2015 - includes 27 primary schools and dozens of junior high schools and many new projects. For false specialists who refute the notion of belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood in France, the former leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hajj Tami Brizi, admitted to the Algerian newspaper L'Expression on May 16, 2002: We are Muslim brothers, but we are not the Muslim Brotherhood. He added we must be proud of the Muslim Brotherhood.

The totalitarian Brotherhood seems to have a bright future in France, despite the president’s harsh speech on April 25 on political Islam. “I will not ban the Federation of Islamic Organizations in France,” said on BFMTV in May 2017.