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Houthis spoil month of Ramadan: Arab Alliance responding by destroying militia positions

Wednesday 15/May/2019 - 02:51 PM
Mohammed Abdul Ghaffar

 Despite the advent of the holy month of Ramadan, the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militias continue to spoil the joy of the holy month of Ramadan by blowing up cars, blocking food supplies and targeting civilians in various ways.


This clearly indicates the policy of those terrorist militias, which have put the system of the mullahs as an icon. That has led them to repeat all terrorist practices carried out by the grandchildren of the guide in Tehran, which prompted the Yemeni national army and the Arab coalition countries to confront them, and try to restore the smile on the existence of the Yemeni people, lifting and preventing those practices from the citizens.


Houthis spoil month

Spoiling of Ramadan


In continuation of these policies, the Huthi militia targeted the car of a group of citizens in the Directorate of Ghail, west of Al Jawf province, on Tuesday May 14, 2019, by a guided missile, killing and wounding 5 civilians, including a child.


In a related context, the Iranian-backed Houthi militias are trying to gain more land and areas in the southern province of Dhala, sparking violent confrontations between Yemeni National Army forces and the terrorist militia.


The forces of the Yemeni National Army succeeded in defeating the Houthi militias in the nearby vicinity in addition to the destruction of military crews and mechanisms coming as reinforcements of the Houthi militia from Ibb province. The artillery forces also used heavy weapons in the implementation of intensive missile bombardment of places of militia gathering in Cheb and Amer In the north of Ibb province.


The Yemeni National Army forces also succeeded in carrying out another artillery attack on the positions of the Houthi terrorist organizations in the Hamar al-Hidaila and Hamr al-Sada areas, killing and injuring a number of militia members and destroying a large number of weapons and ammunition.


On May 14, 2019, the Arab Coalition Forces, in support of the legitimacy of Yemen, carried out a massive aerial bombardment of 15 air strikes on the 25 Mika camp of the Houthi terrorist organization in Abes district, north of Hajjah province, north of Yemen.


The Houthi militias are still trying to dodge and maneuver in the implementation of the provisions of the Stockholm Agreement, through which they aim to gain more areas and annex them to control, so as to ensure a better situation in the negotiation process.