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Aguila Saleh, archenemy of Libya's evil trio

Sunday 28/April/2019 - 02:02 PM
The Reference
Ali Rajab

Libyan Parliament Speaker Aguila Saleh is one of the most outstanding Libyan leaders as far as the fight against terrorism and the militias backed by Turkey and Qatar is concerned.

Saleh works hard to unite his country and purge it of the terrorist militias operating in it. These militias face inevitable destruction, either sooner or later.

Born in eastern Libya, Saleh, 75, has a hefty political mission to carry out, namely steering his country toward safe shores. He is at the top of the most important elected legislative institution in Libya. He is also a strong backer of the Libyan National Army which is commanded by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

He belongs to Ubaidat, one of the important tribes in Libya. He received a bachelor's degree in legal studies from the University of Benghazi.

Saleh is viewed as the "archenemy" of the Qatar and Turkey-backed militias in Libya. His backing of the Libyan army gave this army an indispensible legal cover for its war against Qatari and Turkish terrorism in Libya.

Triangle of evil

Saleh's legal expertise helped him manage the legal and constitutional battle with the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya masterfully. He vanquished this terrorist organization by pulling any legal or constitutional cover from under its feet.

He was aware of Qatari intentions in Libya early on. Doha had actively backed terrorist militias in the North African state. This was why Saleh openly accused it, along with Turkey, of violating the sovereignty of his country by backing these terrorist militias.

Brave old man

Saleh was elected as the speaker of the Libyan parliament on August 4, 2014.

He is known for his courage, especially when defending the Libyan National Army and the Libyan state. He called more than one time for lifting the arms embargo imposed on the army.

He accused Turkey of trying to foment conflicts in his country and undermine efforts for bringing stability and security back to it. Saleh also accused Istanbul of offering financial and logistical support to terrorist militias fighting the Libyan National Army.

Backing by Cairo

Saleh asked Turkey to change its policy toward Libya and stand by the Libyan people, instead of backing the terrorism militias operating in it.

He also praised the support given his country by Egypt, described Cairo as the strongest backer of Libya.

"Egypt makes concerted efforts to unify the Libyan military establishment," Saleh said.

He referred to a series of meetings in Cairo between Libya's generals. He also praised the role Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi plays in rescuing Libya.

Saleh believes that bringing stability back to Libya will only be achieved if the terrorist militias operating in it are eradicated.

He backs the idea of holding presidential and parliamentary elections so that Libya can have one president, one prime minister and one parliament.