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Riots erupt in Qatar over delaying workers’ salaries

Monday 22/April/2019 - 01:40 PM
The Reference

Riots broke out in several cities in Qatar due to a strike by foreign workers due to the delay in their salaries, the suffering of companies and workers in Qatar, due to liquidity problems, business slowdown and revenue decline, as well as the inflationary pressures sweeping the markets.

During the strike, angry workers stormed a number of vehicles, buildings and surrounding facilities, as well as a state of panic in the surrounding areas, close to the protest sites.

Al-Bayan newspapers, reported the increasing of riots among workers, especially with the delay of many companies on the payment of salaries at the specified time, and strike hundreds of workers, to protest the delay in the payment of salaries.

Foreign workers working in the construction sector in Qatar are increasingly suffering despite ongoing promises by the government to repair their situation.

More than 1,000 workers in the Musheireb district have started a strike to protest against unpaid salaries and poor living conditions. workers went out in demonstrations, resulting in the cracking of a number of buses in public roads.

The ILO had recently warned the State of Qatar against the oppression of workers who had reached the point of forced labor and demanded that salaries be paid in arrears and that the State did not respond to that.