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Moroccan Interior Ministry dismantle Daesh terrorist cell

Thursday 14/March/2019 - 02:20 PM
The Reference
Asmaa al-Batakoshi

Moroccan police have been able to dismantle a terrorist cell suspected of belonging to Daesh in the cities of Sidi Bennour, Jadida, Mohammedia and Marrakech, consisting of six elements, according to Sky News.

According to a statement issued by the Moroccan Interior Ministry that in response to the terrorist threats linked to Daesh the police on Thursday, March 14, 2019, dismantled a terrorist cell in the new cities and Sidi Bennour and Mohammedia and Marrakech.

The statement pointed out that it consists of six terrorist elements between 27 and 40 years, including a former detainee under the anti-terrorism law, which was linked Daesh in Libya.

The ministry explained that the delicate security situation enabled them to reveal the involvement of the suspects who have declared their allegiance to Daesh on the organization’s terrorist agenda by planning terrorist operations in the kingdom.

It is noteworthy that the suspects were kept under the guardianship measures in the framework of the investigations carried out with them under the supervision of the competent public prosecution.

According to previous statistics from the Moroccan Interior Ministry, it was able to dismantle 16 terrorist cells in 2016, which was preparing to commit criminal acts aimed at the security and safety of the Kingdom, compared to 23 cells in 2015.