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After Benkirane advices, would Jordan’s MB abandon secrecy?

Monday 11/March/2019 - 02:10 PM
The Reference
Doaa Emam

The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan has been escalating the situation against the Hashemite Kingdom under the cover of demanding political and economic reforms.

After Benkirane advices,
The brotherhood also described the Jordanian regime as “incapable” and called for overthrowing it.
Following this escalation, former Moroccan Head of Government Abdelilah Benkirane advised the Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan to be seriously careful and show gratitude to the Jordanian regime and King Abdullah II for allowing them to operate within their limits without banning them.

Benkirane added that Islamic movements in a country like Jordan should be kissing the hand of King Abdullah II because they do not know the amount of pressures that are being practiced over him, calling for calmness and deep consideration.

After Benkirane advices,

Immediately, Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson in Jordan Moath Khawaldeh responded to Benkirane by saying that the Muslim Brotherhood is an authentic component of the Jordanian state, and an integral part of the Jordanian national fabric, and it has been seven decades since its establishment in Jordan.

Khawaldeh added in a Facebook post that the Muslim Brotherhood is working hard towards its path and political and promotional project, therefore, it sometimes make mistakes, pointing out that it managed to establish relations with various official and popular components of the Jordanian state.

Meanwhile, Jordanian author Mwaffaq Malkawi said in an article published in Al Ghad Newspaper that the Muslim Brotherhood in the kingdom should get advantage of Benkirane’s advices, lest they get marginalized, excluded or prosecuted. This would lead to a return to clandestine operation after having tasted operating under the light, especially that Jordan has not criminalized belonging to the group yet.

The Jordanian writer further added that the brotherhood managed to rearrange its situation in Jordan, after it got defeated in Egypt, therefore, the brotherhood should redefine its objectives and approaches, especially that it needs popular support in the incoming election.