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Yemeni politician reveals the scenes of the Battle of Hajjour.. And the failure of the United Nations

Thursday 07/March/2019 - 03:27 PM
The Reference
Islam Mohamed

The Yemeni political and media analyst Mutahar Alraidh declared in an interview with the Reference, the tribal scene in the north, the repercussions of the conflict on the humanitarian situation of the Yemeni people, and the negative role of the United Nations in the country. 

The interview also touched on the strategic importance of the battles between the tribes of Hajjour in the province of Hajjah north of the country and the Houthis, and their implications for the rest of the tribes:

Yemeni politician
Why did not Hajjour defeat Houthis so far?

We can say that the tribe of Hajjour did their best to eliminate the Houthi threat, but there are 19 districts in this area, unfortunately, they did not unite all against the Houthi militias, but some of these districts joined to Houthi. We can also add another reason - the lack of support needed to defeat the Houthis there.

 How do the battle in Hajjour effect on the other tribes?

There is no doubt that the daily victories carried out by Hajjour against the Houthi, changed the equation of truth in the Yemeni tribes completely on the fear and silence towards the Houthi and his actions, and that the resistance will continue to free themselves from the dominant over them and their children used by Houthi in his futile battles.

Has the Congress Party ended with the death of Ali Saleh?

The Congress Party is a long-standing political entity and still exists in the political arena, both at home and abroad. It is true that there were personal loyalties that were previously under Saleh’s rule, but they are not many.
Yemeni politician
How did the tribes deal with the control of the Houthis on Saada?

The tribes in most of the provinces controlled by Houthi are still intellectual hypocrisy, threats and intimidation by the Houthi militia. They are therefore afraid to move, object or even show resistance. However, there is a big objection in these provinces by school students, Signs of resistance will soon occur in the face of Houthi.

What is the position of the Islah Party?

 The Islah Party is like other political parties that follow its interests and the interests of its leaders. Thus, the conflict in Yemen has benefited many political forces, foremost of Islah.

What is the humanitarian situation of millions of people?

The humanitarian situation in the areas and governorates controlled by Houthi over the disaster, the militias invest this situation to their advantage, and considers it a pressure card to the introduction of Yemen in a political spiral.

They use the pretext of the humanitarian situation and invests this after the military progress of the Yemeni resistance and legitimate forces allied to the provinces, so the international organizations and the United Nations call for a halt to the war; on the pretext of the introduction of humanitarian aid; and then Houthi benefit from this deadline; to catch their breath, and also to keep the situation as it is.

Why did UN envoy Martin Griffith fail in his mission?

 Martin Griffiths before the big powers and the Houthis is not a failure, he seeks to maintain the Houthis interest by the power of the United Nations and the international community. Unfortunately, the international community and the United Nations did not see that Griffith did not achieve any agreement or only one of the agreements reached between Legitimacy and Houthis.