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NATO defense ministers to review operations in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq

Tuesday 12/February/2019 - 04:11 PM
The Reference

The NATO Defense Ministers will review the alliance’s operations in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq and at sea during the defense ministerial meeting which will be held on 13th and 14th of February, Khamaa Press news agency reported.

A NATO official said “The Ministerial meeting will begin with a session focused on the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. Allies will have an opportunity to exchange views and provide guidance on the implications of Russia’s breach of the INF Treaty. All Allies agree that Russia’s violation of the treaty erodes the foundation of arms control and undermines Allied security. Allies will then discuss efforts to strengthen the Alliance’s defense and deterrence.”

The official further added that “The focus will be on NATO’s readiness initiative, which requires Allies to have 30 land battalions, 30 air squadrons and 30 combat vessels ready to use within 30 days.