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Sex, The Temptation tool for ISIS

Friday 27/April/2018 - 04:59 PM
The Reference
Mustafa Hamza

  • ISIS encourages sexual jihad to tempt young men.
  • Sex slavery markets launched in Libya·
  • International Amnesty condemns ISIS for launching comfort women system in Iraq.
  • Female Jihadist is chief procurer

According to its ideology and outrageous interpretation of the Muslim Sharia, ISIS despises and dehumanizes women. Women and girls captured by ISIS-linked Jihadists are forced to act as comfort women. The female captives are also forced to seduce fresh recruits and the veterans.

ISIS also employs its women or those captured or abducted to brainwash young men. The woman is the most precious reward a young man will have if he proudly accepts to wear an explosive belt.

ISIS’s ideologists and preachers also promise suicidal bombers, who would lose the opportunity of having sex with women, that dozens of more beautiful ‘virgin’ concubines are waiting them in the heavens.

The Chief of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Rami Abdel Rahman, told MENA (the Middle East News Agency) in a phone call that in addition to US$1200 the fighter gets every month, he will have concubines—women and girls taken hostage.

The macabre deal has revealed that women are more valuable than money. According to shocking stories told by Yazidi women, who managed to escape from their captors in 2014 and 2015; ISIS’s female slaves would be given two bitter choices: forced marriage or sex slavery.

ISIS provocatively confessed to the humiliation caused to Yazidi women and girls after they were captured. The Jihadists’ sickening confession was published in Dabeq, the English monthly magazine the terrorist organisation publishes to propagandize its atrocities.

In its October issue in 2014, Dabeq said that Yazidi women and girls were the spoils of war.

Female Jihadists

ISIS compared its female fighters to Muslim women, who would leave their homes to support Prophet Mohammed in his wars against non-believers. The identity of ISIS’s female fighters was explained in an article published in El-Nabaa magazine in October 2017.

According to ISIS’s despicable culture, female martyrs would ascend to the Heavens, in which they receive divine blessings, including dazzling and ever-lasting beauty and charm.

Brainwashed women and girls are also told that being in the Paradise; they would be elevated to the position of angels and would be named Houriya (virgin beauties).

ISIS carefully selects women and girls for the alleged holy mission: sleeping and entertaining Jihadists before they are sent to the battlefronts. Age (between 18 and 25) is the woman’s or the girl’s best qualification. Europeans are the most favoured comfort women and girls. The sex slave gets about US$200 every month. Beautiful captives are allocated for ISIS leaders; less beautiful women and girls are offered to the group’s members.

According to special standards, others go under the hammer in the sexual slavery market. The Reference has obtained a photocopy of a payment receipt, which shows a preferential treatment ISIS fighters enjoy in the sex slavery auction; they get 50% discount on their human purchases.

Sexual Slavery

Under the headline “Escaping from Hell.. Torture and Sexual Slavery” Amnesty International published in December last year a horrible account of physical and emotional sufferings women and girls had experienced in captivity at the hands of ISIS fighters. More sickening was ISIS proud confession that Iraq’s Yazidi women and girls, who were abducted, were either raped or underwent sexual violence.

Victims of forced marriage were employed as spies. The abhorrent profession was revealed by a widow named Umm Isaf, who was responsible for running a network of women spies. Umm Isaf told her investigators that ISIS fighters were urging their wives to spy on neighbours and carefully watch the movements of the Iraqi army or armed militias.

The reference has obtained video, which shows Yazidi women and girls being auctioned.