The Reference : Drug smuggling finances Houthi terrorism (طباعة)
Drug smuggling finances Houthi terrorism
آخر تحديث: الجمعة 13/05/2022 02:30 م W.B: Noura Bendari, T.B: Mohamed Abdelgalil.
Drug smuggling finances

The terrorist Houthi militia is trying to collect the necessary funds to finance its terrorist activities in all ways, especially with the decrease in support provided to it by the Iranian regime, which is suffering from a severe economic crisis as a result of the US sanctions imposed on Iran, and the failure of negotiations to revive the nuclear agreement in Vienna.

 These circumstances has pushed the rebel militia to search for alternatives to continue implementing the extremist Iranian agenda on Yemeni territories, after incurring heavy losses during the past months, by the Saudi-led arab coalition, the Yemeni National Army, and Yemen’s Giants Brigades.

Drug smuggling

In this context, well-informed Yemeni sources revealed that the Houthi militia has enlarged drug smuggling operations, in order to provide financial support to prolong the Yemeni war.

 The sources said that Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps along with the Lebanese Iranian-backed “Hezbollah” are involved in these activities to help the Houthi militia securing its financial needs.

The Yemeni media also revealed that the Iranian-backed Houthi group used local smugglers after releasing them, especially those who were detained in Houthi prisons pending drug cases, taking advantage of its control over security institutions.

 The Iran-backed militia plan is to force these smugglers working in its favor, which ended up in the expansion of drug smuggling operations inside and outside Yemeni territory.

It is noteworthy that the group deliberately arrests drug dealers in order to later put them in front of two options, either to work for them or to continue in prisons.

 Frequently, smugglers choose the first option, especially knowing that continuing in Al-Houthi prisons means death.

The legitimate Yemeni government revealed earlier that the militia group smuggle drugs through Hodeidah port and its three ports under its control, as the shipments in those ports are not subject to any inspection procedures, which facilitates smuggling operations.

The government said that about 8 Houthi drug shipments wered seized during in 2021.


Destructive agenda

Fares Alnajar, a Yemeni economic analyst, explained that it is well known that the Houthi militia profit from war and the black market, by exploiting Islam for money.

 Alnajar added: “the group is not content with the devastation of Yemen and its people due to its coup and its implementation of the destructive project of Iran’s mullahs”.

Alnajar pointed out to "The Reference" that the Houthi group expanded the scope of drug smuggling, using its repressive security authority and its affiliated smuggling networks, both externally and internally.
“The Houthi group thinks only of profit. It is not satisfied with washing the brains of children and youth with its destructive project, but today it wants to lose their awareness by using drugs to become easy prey to be enlisted for the group”.