The Reference : Perez-Shakdam exposes fragility of mullah regime’s security (طباعة)
Perez-Shakdam exposes fragility of mullah regime’s security
آخر تحديث: الخميس 03/03/2022 07:40 م Eslam Mohamed
Perez-Shakdam exposes

Despite the intense propaganda practiced by the Iranian media about the strength and dominance of the country’s security services, foreign fingers are moving freely across the country after their success in penetrating the Iranian security services and recruiting a number of its leaders and affiliates.

The Israeli intelligence services managed to seize nuclear documents, in addition to the space archive, from inside a secret building at the Turquzabad nuclear site, shipped them in trucks, and smuggled them outside the country without the security services succeeding in detecting them. They also targeted sensitive military installations.

Recently, Israel’s foreign intelligence service, Mossad, announced that it had succeeded in planting an agent in the heart of one of the Iranian media institutions, a British analyst named called Catherine Perez-Shakdam, who appeared frequently on the Iranian English-language Press TV channel and worked as an article writer on a website that publishes Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s writings. She also worked for newspapers such as Mashregh, which is close to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Perez-Shakdam recently published her story on the Times of Israel website and admitted that she carried out all these actions and activities in order to gain access to sensitive places in Iran. She explained how she hid her motives in order to gain the confidence of the authorities and revealed the story of her meeting with Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi when he was on his election campaign in the city of Rasht, the capital of Gilan Province, in the north of the country.

After publishing the topic, the articles written by Perez-Shakdam on the Al-Murshid website were completely deleted, but by searching on the global search engine, it was possible to find topics for them on Al-Murshid and Al-Rawda magazine issued by the Media Center at the Hosseiniya Shrine in Karbala, as well as articles on Houthi militia sites and Iraqi militias affiliated with Tehran.

It should be noted that the Israeli intelligence has influence within the intelligence services and security departments of the Iranian regime to the extent that former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad explained in previous statements how Israel was able to carry out major operations in Iran due to the corruption of the Revolutionary Guards and the seizure of the most important nuclear and space documents from sensitive centers. Even an important official who took charge of combating Israeli espionage activities in the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence discovered that he had worked as a spy for the Mossad.