The Reference : Tunisian officer's death focuses minds on Ennahda's involvement in violence (طباعة)
Tunisian officer's death focuses minds on Ennahda's involvement in violence
آخر تحديث: الأربعاء 19/01/2022 06:28 م Sara Rashad
Tunisian officer's

Debates are raging on in Tunisia about the secret apparatus of Ennahda movement, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in this country.

The movement denies the presence of this apparatus in reality.

However, its critics have found new evidence that proves the involvement of the movement in violent developments in the past years.

The evidence is related to the mysterious death of Tunisian National Guard officer, Mohsen al-Adili, on January 16.

Al-Adili was found dangling from a rope in the ceiling of his home in the northeastern Tunisian coastal town of Nabeul.

Ennahda's opponents say al-Adili announced before his death that he had documents proving the involvement of Ennahda, specifically the former Tunisian Minister of Justice and Vice-President of the Ennahda Party, Noureddine Bhiri, who is in police custody at present, in helping Tunisian extremists who returned from Syria in carrying out terrorist attacks in Tunisia.

After arresting Bhiri, Tunisian police leveled charges against him in connection with Tunisians returning from Syria.

Tunisian journalist and political writer, Nizar al-Jledi, said on January 17 that al-Adili was a close friend of his and always informed him about the aforementioned documents.

He added that al-Adili is not the kind of person who can end his life.

Al-Jledi suggested that someone had deliberately killed al-Adili, in a veiled reference to Ennahda movement.

He reinforced his view by noting that al-Adili died on the eve of a court session in which he was supposed to give his testimony regarding the involvement of out Ennahda's involvement in terrorism, even as the movement denies such charges.

He recalled the killing of leftist politicians Chokri Belaid and Mohamed Brahmi.

He accused the movement of killing these politicians as well as the aforementioned National Security officer.