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World praising UAE Afghanistan evacuation efforts

Sunday 22/August/2021 - 09:28 PM
The Reference
Mahmud Mohamadi

The United Arab Emirates has agreed to host 5,000 Afghan nationals, emphasizing its humanitarian prominence even more.

These nationals were evacuated from Afghanistan in preparation for travelling to other countries.

The UAE had agreed to host these Afghans at the request of the US, the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation said.

It said these Afghan nationals would be present in the UAE temporarily until they can travel to other countries.

The ministry explained that the Afghan citizens would leave in the coming days on American planes.

Evacuation efforts

The UAE has become a focal point in the evacuation efforts from Afghanistan.

This comes within the framework of its humanitarian efforts to assist all parties in these circumstances.

It facilitated the evacuation of about 8,500 foreigners from Afghanistan so far, using its planes and its airports.

This humanitarian initiative comes in conjunction with the UAE's facilitation of the departure of dozens of flights carrying hundreds of foreign nationals from Afghanistan, including a number of diplomats, employees of different nationalities, and NGO workers, to its airports.

International applause

The Emirati efforts have won the support and praise of world leaders who expressed gratefulness for the UAE for assisting in this crisis.

US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, said his country is grateful to the UAE for its humanitarian efforts.

The UAE, he said, offered to facilitate the safe transit of US citizens, embassy employees and evacuees from Kabul to third countries.

He added that the US appreciates the support offered by the UAE government.

This support, he said, is a symbol of the strong and lasting partnership between the two countries.

Secretary Blinken said Washington's priority is the safety and security of US citizens abroad, including military personnel and diplomats serving in Afghanistan.