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Kuwait not decided on participation in Bahrain conf. for investment in Palestine

Tuesday 28/May/2019 - 04:57 PM
The Reference

A reliable source at the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry has said that Kuwait has not yet decided on participation in the economic workshop on investment in the Palestinian territories in the Bahrain capital Manama.

The source told Kuwaiti newspaper Al Anbaa that the final formula of the workshop has not yet been crystallized so Kuwait is yet to decide on its participation.

Asked about Kuwait's rejection of the participation in any conferences related to Israel except after settling the Palestinian cause and achieving peace, the source said the Kuwaiti stance on the Palestinian cause is firm and based on international legitimacy resolutions and the Arab peace initiative.

The source asserted that the Israeli intransigence over the past 71 years was met with international silence, a matter that has worsened the situation.