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Houthi, Brotherhood and al-Qaeda leaders meet in Sanaa and plan to target the Arab coalition

Sunday 17/February/2019 - 01:03 PM
The Reference
Ali Ragab

Malicious plans continue to manipulate the situation in Yemen and threaten the Arab coalition, where Qatar sponsored a meeting with the Houthi militia, al-Qaeda and the Brotherhood of Yemen in order to implement its plan against the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, create a scenario filled with chaos and blood, and extend the power of the evil alliance in Yemen.

Reports of a meeting in Sanaa between the leaders of the Houthi militia, the Yemeni Brotherhood al-Islah party and the al-Qaeda terrorist organization revealed Qatari support and coordination to destabilize the liberated provinces, especially in southern Yemen.

The meeting was held in Sanaa at the house of Mutlaq al-Marani, the Houthis’ national security agent, and was headed by Abu Ali al-Hakim, the Houthis’ head of military intelligence, and other leaders.

Sources pointed out that the meeting comes as part of unspoken agreements held between the Houthi militia and al-Islah party under the auspices of Qatar, which resulted in the transfer of al-Qaeda elements from the Political Security prison in Sanaa to Ma’rib.

Sources close to Hakim revealed that the meeting discussed the activities of al-Qaeda operatives and the targeting of military, political and security leaders in the liberated provinces.

The areas liberated from the Houthis by the Yemeni army and Arab Coalition forces were an important target for Qatar, which seeks to undermine the legitimate government's efforts to establish security and stability throughout Yemen by supporting the Houthi militias carry out devastating operations in the liberated areas.

Doha supports and funds Houthi cells to devastate liberated areas, acts as intelligence for the rebels, and supports the Muslim Brotherhood's terrorist group with millions of dollars in Yemen.

The Yemeni army revealed a video showing the seizure of 50 million Qatari riyals in a Houthi warehouse in Saada governorate in northern Yemen after the Yemeni army took control of the area and the Houthis fled.

The video showed that the Houthis have been receiving generous support from the Qatari regime to target the Yemeni army and the Arab coalition, prolong the war in Yemen, and exhaust the Yemeni state in wars against the militias and terrorist groups backed by Qatar.

In January, Yemeni security forces seized three pickups belonging to men from Al-Mohara governorate and loaded with weapons to be handed over to Ali Salem al-Harizi, a former deputy governor of the governorate and a former Yemeni border guard officer.

Investigations by the Yemeni security forces revealed that these weapons were coming from Qatar and being assembled in the city of Salalah in the Sultanate of Oman. Harizi coordinates the matter of weapons with an unidentified Qatari national of Yemeni origin.

Qatar also supported the Iranian-backed militia in the recent attack on a Yemeni military parade at Al-Anad airbase in Lahij governorate, where a Houthi drone strike killed six soldiers.

The drone, which quickly passed over the senior officers’ viewing platform, was Iranian-made and carried a large amount of explosives sent from Tehran, according to a military source for Sky News.

Yemeni politician Kamel al-Khoudani, a member of the General People's Congress party, said that talk of an alliance of the Houthis with al-Islah and al-Qaeda is not new. There have been open lines between the Brotherhood and the Houthis for many years under the auspices of Iran.

Koudani added that Istanbul, which serves as the world capital of the Muslim Brotherhood, witnessed meetings between the Houthis and the Brotherhood of Yemen in October 2017 under the auspices and coordination of the Qatari intelligence service.

The Brotherhood and the Houthis have the support of Qatar and Iran at all levels, Khoudani stressed, adding that talk about the establishment of an alliance between al-Islah and the Houthis is the sum of moves enabling them to control the reins of things in Yemen.

There has been harmony and unity in the positions of the Houthis and the Muslim Brotherhood regarding the Arab coalition countries, especially the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Khoudani noted. The past weeks have seen an escalation of campaigns against the UAE and Saudi Arabia in the media and on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. This indicates that Qatar has drawn up a map for the Houthis and Brotherhood in order to target the Arab coalition and keep Yemen at the mercy of groups of mercenaries and terrorists in the region.

Khoudani affirmed that the Brotherhood and the Houthis are the arms of Qatar and Iran in Yemen, pointing out that Qatar’s plan aims to end any progress made towards stability in Yemen.